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What kind of wires are used in this type of jewelry?
Sterling silver and 12 kt. gold fill are the two primary types of wires used. The wires used for the outside coils can be sterling silver, 12 kt. gold fill, niobium (available in purple, teal, navy or light green), black, red, cinnamon brown, or dark green.

What about the ear wires that go through the ear lobe?
Sterling silver and 12 kt. gold fill are most often used. They come in the French wire design, which slips through the earlobe and does not close. 14 kt. gold can be special ordered if requested for an additional fee. Niobium ear wires match the outside wire frame and are also the French wire style. Kidney wires (the kind that close) can be requested which can be surgical steel (hypoallergenic) or 12 kt gold fill.

Can non-pierced ear wires be ordered?
Yes, at no extra charge. They are gold or silver, depending on what would look best with the color of the wire frames.

Can other shapes be ordered besides the teardrop or petal?
While experimenting with the design of other shapes, it was found that the threads do not stay attached to the wire frames when the shape indents, then expands, such as in a heart or guitar shape. Round shapes are possible, but it is difficult to guarantee that 2 round shapes will match as a set of earrings.

What if the wire frame is bent after it is woven?
Once the wire frame has been shaped, it should not be bent, or the threads will become loose or unravelled.

Can the jewelry get wet?
It is not recommended to wear this jewelry in the shower or while swimming. Water will darken the threads.

What if I lose an earring?
If a customer returns the lost one, then a new one can be matched as closely as possible.

How can you best match the colors of clothing?
Swatch samples are welcome. However, colors can be sent with digital camera photos, crayons, markers, or verbal names of colors.

Are returns possible?
Yes, if shipped without damage. Exchanges are always honored. If there are any questions prior to shipping, customer and Mandala Jewels will be able to exchange email. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

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